UKSF Education and Training

Are you a stroke care, education or research professional; or an organisation delivering training in stroke?

If so, UK Stroke Forum Education and Training can help you:

  • understand what stroke-specific knowledge and skills you and your staff require;
  • ensure your stroke-specific training is consistent with frameworks across the 4 UK countries;
  • develop tools to assist you to identify the development needs of your team;
  • create training that is current and in line with recommendations from across the 4 UK countries; and
  • identify quality assured education and training, through our database of approved stroke-specific courses.

UKSF Education and Training is supporting the development of stroke-specific training and education by assessing courses and events against the recommendations of the Stroke-Specific Education Framework (SSEF). If standards are met, a ‘quality marker’ is awarded. Organisations from any sector can apply to endorse their training and education – from one day sessions, events or internal workshops to postgraduate courses. To see all endorsed courses across the UK click here

An easier way to make your event stand out
Getting a UKSF Education and Training quality marker for your event has just become much easier. The UKSF team have developed a new, more simple process for showing that your conference or event meets the recommendations of the Stroke Specific Education Framework (SSEF). Fees have also been greatly reduced and it now cost from just £50 to get your event assessed and badged. Endorsed events get free features on the UKSF website and e-bulletin as well as being featured in the UKSF Education and Training database of education opportunities. With budgets for training and events becoming increasingly constrained, UKSF ET endorsement is one more selling point for your event. Click here to download the new application form.

To find out more, visit the UKSF ET website

UKSF is also developing tools for employers and professionals, including:

  • Role Profiles’ that can help you to identify training needs for yourself and/or your team;
  • A staffing calculator that allows you to estimate the number of staff needed in your service.

To explore these tools, click here

‘UKSF endorsement is quickly becoming recognised as a desirable, even essential, quality marker for stroke training’ (Cecily Hollingsworth, BSSCSN)

‘Applying for UKSF endorsement for our educational DVD’s allowed us to provide assurance of the quality of these training resources.  Having a central database of endorsed training allows people to access what they require in the format which suits them.  This is particularly helpful for private providers, such as care homes to help them choose the right training for their workforce.’ (Wendy Jessop, South-Central Cardiovascular Network)

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